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Sandra Romain Biography Photo Sandra Romain Biography
Born: 3/26/1978
Aliases: Sandra Mertz, Sandra Romaine, Mrs Romaine, Mistress Sandra Romain, Marioara, Mary, Mari, Maria, Maria Popescu, Anais, Michaela, Sandra Roman

Country of Origin: Romania Timisoara
Date of Birth: March 26, 1978
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Height: 160 cm - 5 feet and 3 inches
Weight: 56 kg - 123 lbs
Measurements: 36B-28-36
Career Status: Retired
Shoe Size: 6
Winner of AVN Awards 2007: Best Anal Sex Scene - Film Best Group Sex Scene - Video Best Three-Way Sex Scene Retired in 2008.

Born on the 26th of March 1978 in the town of Timisoara in Romania, Sandra Romain started in the adult business in 2001. She was discovered by the adult movie agency, Floyd Agency and was soon given her acting debut in "P.Star," which is among the first professional films in Romania.

Later on, she transferred to Germany and worked with adult film icon, Titus Steel. It was then when this 5'3" actress blasted into full stardom. All of a sudden, adult fans in Europe knew her to be Sandra Roman or Romaine, or just plain Sandra, a beauty endowed with dark brown hair, brown eyes, and natural breasts.

In 2005, Sandra Romain flew to the US to try the American adult film scene. All her efforts paid off when Mark Spiegler took her under the care of his Spiegler Girls adult company, and Derek Hay hired her for his LA Direct Models agency. In the year of her American launch, Sandra earned a nomination for Foreign Female Performer of the Year in the AVN awards. The following year, the movie "Euro Domination" earned her the AVN Best Sex Scene In a Foreign Shot Production award.

Over the few years, Sandra has earned a reputation for incorporating roughness in her every performance. She sometimes hits and slaps her fellow performers -- routines which many fans enjoy watching. Furthermore, Sandra was crowned as the 'anal queen' for her double or sometimes triple anal scenes, as shown in several movies like "Anal Assassins," "Anal Frosting," "Anal Interpreter," and "Anal Showdown."

Repped by L.A. Direct, Sandra is from Romania although she's never been to Transylvania but plans to go there at some point. Neither does Romain have any connection to the extensive Romaine lettuce fortune.

Romain is 27 and has been in the business for at least five years. I ask her why, if she's from Romania, she didn't pursue a more settled occupation like vampire hunter.

Because I don't like blood," she laughs. "I like sucking, but I don't like blood."

Romain had a normal job working for a tour magazine. "I sold the magazine," she said. One day at work she was bored and looked at a porn mag. "He caught me," said Romain. "But he told me I could be in that magazine if I wanted." Romain thought he was blowing smoke up her ass. But her boss made some contacts for her and Romain started doing porn in Hungary. Romain finally came to America August of last year.

She says there's more work for her in America and that she can get a higher price for her work aside from the fact that she doesn't have to travel all the time to other countries like she did in Europe

"I'm more comfortable here," she explains. From Romain's observations, European porn's adopting the US business model and there seems to be an attempt to cut down the length of the work days.

"It depends on the company," she says.

Romain tended to be a quiet kid, she says. And it's the same way now. "When I have time, I go shopping or take a walk in the park, or go to the theater and see a movie," she says. "I don't like parties or a lot of noise and I don't like smoking. I'm still a quiet girl."

"It was with my husband who was my first boyfriend. We started and we never finished. We're still together today."

Explaining the attraction, Romain says she and her husband are very much alike. "We just like each other and love each other," she states. "Everything is working good."

Romain says her husband isn't the jealous type and when she's not home, he's jerking off to her movies. "Not only one time," she laughs. "And he doesn't feel okay when I see him doing that." Romain explains that the two of them started out in the business together.

"He tried working in porn but he said this is not for me. He did two or three scenes and we worked together in one." Romain remembers being nervous the first time she got in front of a camera.

"I never did it before," she says. "I didn't know how to pose. Everything was new for me. And I didn't know how to talk in English. I just said yes, no, fuck me, thanks and pretty much nothing else. My first scene was with Rocco and my second scene the next day was me, Rocco and Nacho Vidal. It was a d.p. Everything was okay." This was the first time Romain ever tried doing a d.p. although she and her husband had done anal off camera.

But the first time she tried anal, Romain recalls hating it. "I remember watching a movie with some French girl. This girl did anal really easy. I thought we should try and see how I liked it. I didn't know anything about this. I didn't know anything about cleaning or how you have to do this stuff. Everything was painful. I don't want to say more. But I really really hated it. Then we tried again after that and I said this wasn't for me. This will never work. But today I can easily do a triple anal."

The first time Romain tried it was several years ago. Her partners were Lexington Steele, Steve Holmes and the third partner switched off from a remaining team of guys. The mind boggles. Romain said everything was okay after that scene and remembers going to a restaurant after taking a shower. Because other companies found this fete astounding, Romain was asked to do it again- several times.

"If you really want to, you can do so many things," she notes. Sexually, Romain can't think of anything else she's done to top that. "But for porn people it's never enough," she philosophizes. "I don't think anything can be normal for them. So I don't know how crazy I can be."

Romain especially loves working with Melissa Lauren. "And she's my best friend, too," adds Romain. "She's the same type of girl like me. I like her because she can take a lot and give a lot. She's not fake. I also like Michael Steffano, Manuel Ferrara and Steve Holmes."

Romain's mother found out that she was working in the business without telling her. "My mom believed I was taking nude pictures but one day she said, I don't know- those pictures are moving. I go, great. She showed me a magazine where there was a review of one of my movies. She says to me, so this is you? I said, no, it's not me. She said don't bullshit me, it's you. I said it looks like me but it's not me. But she's not stupid. She was a little mad and got sick afterwards because she didn't want to believe her daughter would do this. But we talked, and she decided it was better if she didn't ask me anything, that she won't say anything. So when I'm home I'm just her daughter. My mom knows but we never talk about it. Never. My father has been dead for nine years. My brother and sister know, too. I don't do porn in my country, and they don't shoot there- at least when I was there."

According to Romain, another item that came to her mother's attention was an article that appeared in the paper about Romain.

"But now I'm in the magazines- so I'll receive a phone call from friends that you were in Hustler."

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